Stage Curtains and Products 

Morgan Theatrical Draperies provides custom-made stage curtains,  cyclorama settings, gym divider curtains, muslin drops for painting and sharkstooth scrim drapes.

Painted Muslin Drop Indian and Buffalos

Our company also provides TV Studios with  Chroma Key Blue and Green Drops, Black Velour and Gray Muslin softgoods.  Each project is designed to customer's request and  fabricated to exact sizes to insure correct fit and proper operation.  


All fabrics  used are in compliance  and meet the NFPA 701  flame retardancy test  requirements for schools, churches, movie theaters and auditoriums.

We provide cotton and polyester velours for main drapes.  Also available are the more economical cotton and polyester fabrics used for cyclorama settings, side legs, mid curtains, rear travelers and light border curtains on your stage.


Our staff can assist  in writing detailed specifications for bidding purposes.

Morgan Theatrical Draperies  provides ADC track systems and motors for hanging the draperies. 

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